• Stadttheater Bremerhaven (map)
  • 1 Theodor-Heuss-Platz
  • Bremerhaven, HB, 27568
  • Germany

"The Lodger" of English composer Phyllis Tate is a German premiere Premiere which will be conducted by Ektoras Tartanis. The story is based on the novel of Mrs. Belloc-Lowndes and was also adapted in a silent film classic by Alfred Hitchcock. It is the story of the famous character "Jack the Ripper", who rents a flat in London and gets suspected to be a murder. A crime opera of the 20th centrury full of suspense and new sounds.


Director: Sam Brown

Conductor: Ektoras Tartnias

Choir: Choir of the opera house of Bremerhaven

Orchestra: Symphony Orchestra of Bremerahven


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